Sunday, February 27, 2011

salam & hi

We are selling powdered full cream milk which is fortified with raisins and is manufactured under IMP (islamic manufacturing practice) which among others required all the workers to be in clean state (with ablution/wudhu) at the most time.all the staff in a factory is a muslim.

this business is started when we feel the need to provide alternative halal and good (halalan toyyibah) milk for our kids.since our kids love milk and the wonders of milk are too many to be listed (and even Rasulullah saw recommended milk as a good food) we think the milk in current market does not satisfy our pursue to give the best & 'halal'est (if there is any word like that) for our kids.

we strongly believe,what we consumed are what we are.and i see no reason not to try this milk.we called it HALIB'S which means milk in arabic.

Halib's Growing-Up Milk

Full Cream Growing-Up Milk : HALIB'S
Alternatif halal dan suci kepada susu membesar kanak-kanak 1 thn ke atas.
Susu lembu yg diperkaya dgn kismis dan kurma.
Bawah piawaian Islamic Manufacturing Practice
Harga RM22 (tak masuk pos) Berat : 500g.

Goat's Milk

. Hi-Goat is an instant goat milk manufactured by muslim.RECOMMENDED for nursing & pregnant mom.Helps increasing BM production.Also for GASTRIC sufferer and woman who wants to avoid osteoporosis.Creamy & delicious.TRY it now.

RM36.60 (bukan ahli) RM 29.90 (ahli)

Goat's Milk Skincare

Tak cuba tak tahu.Jika anda memiliki kulit sensitif,kasar & mudah naik jerawat, boleh cuba set ini. cuma RM70.50 sahaja. Produk HR Goat's Milk.